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The Revolution
of sports
SoccerCoin is building a full blockchain ecosystem for sports business based on a digital payment currency. Revolutionising sports through Fan Token, Sports NFTs and Smart Ticketing.
The next
generation of
  • Real-life Collectibles
  • Focused on fan engagement
  • Multichain
  • Creating benefits for fans, sport clubs and athletes.
Creating revenue streams for the sports business by using blockchain technology
The real
Revolution of
Pushing fan engagement in sports to a new level by getting fans involved in decision making processes, making them a part of an exclusive group supporting the club and much more. Available for all types of sports and all types of teams.
for sports
Assisting sports institutions to tokenize their assets through issuing tokens for investor onboarding and to engage fans in the positive development of club assets.
Based on the NFT technology, Smart Tickets prevent the possibility that fake tickets are issued and sold illegally. A secure secondary ticket market for fans generates Royalty fees for the club on each reselling. Additional benefits for Smart Ticket holders from the club's business partners can be included
Fan engagement
solutions for the
eSports industry
Providing solutions for eSports NFTs, Fan Tokens and gamification elements support this new industry to strenghten fan engagement and generating additional revenue streams.
CEO & Founder
Former sprinter (100m/200m) - developed an international multi-million real estate company since 2003. With his IT and finance know-how plus his passion for sports and environment he has founded, financed and developed the SoccerCoin concept since 2018.
Mag. Maysa
Through years of experience as lawyer in various companies including banks and law firms, Maysa is perfectly suited for the position of the CLO.
A seasoned tech lead with vast experience across multiple industries, adept at designing intricate architectures for both startups and enterprise-level organizations.

2021 Q1

Product Conception

  • Product and concept ideation
  • Verticals defining and competition analysis
  • Ecosystem architecture

2021 Q2

Token Economics

  • Tokenomics design and use cases
  • Design go-to-Market strategy
  • Platform and modules design

2021 Q3

Platform development

  • SoccerCoin Platform beta developments
  • NFT campaign plannings
  • Strategic product partnerships
  • Smart Contract development

2021 Q4

Platform development

  • SoccerCoin Platform design and user story definitions
  • Platform development continuation
  • Start of presentations to a closed user group of decision makers in sports
  • System Architecture setup according to definitions

2022 Q1

Product implementation

  • SoccerCoin Platform beta launch (staging) and internal testing
  • R&D of Application iOS and Android
  • Setup of third-party service provider integrations
  • Negotiations with athletes and clubs for NFT collection launches

2022 Q2

Token and product launch

  • SoCo Platform launch
  • NFT campaign launches
  • Implementation of communications strategy and development of community management
  • IVFAO preparations
  • System and Smart Contract auditing
  • R&D Metaverse applications

2022 Q3

  • SoCo Token Launch and Exchange listing
  • Development of SoccerCoin Plattform Version 2, iOS and Android SoccerCoin App
  • Mainstream marketing push
  • Metaverse application development

2022 Q4

  • Development of additional SoCo Token use cases
  • First Fan Token launch
  • Launch of iOS and Android SoccerCoin App and Metaverse application
  • Introduction of fan engagement features like badges, blogposts, chats
  • Additional fan engagement R&D
  • R&D Smart Ticketing solution

2023 Q1

  • Interactive fan engagement via blockchain voting and polling sessions, quizzes
  • NFT and Fan Tokens raffles and giveaways
  • Additional Fan Tokens and NFT trophy campaigns
  • Smart Ticket solution development

2023 Q2

  • Development of additional fan engagement use cases
  • First Smart Ticketing campaign launch
  • Implementation in the system of various types of partners

2023 Q3

  • Sport business partner integrations
  • Partners knowledge base introduction

2023 Q4

  • Smart Ticketing integrations with additional third parties
  • Additional sport business partner integrations
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